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Great way to start a whole new chapter… September 7, 2009

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So, back now from our 20th Anniversary Celebration in romantic Napa where, thanks to my BFF Erica (she took care of the Bug for us), we ate way too much, kissed way too much (just kidding–that’s not possible if CR’s around), and actually didn’t drink too much (seriously, no kidding). We had our Dinner at this amazing restaurant: The Restaurant at Meadowood Resort and totally indulged ourselves in the Tasting Menu which was slightly different due to what the chef deemed freshest. It was a once-in-a-lifetime meal of amuse bouche type plates…kind of like Top Chef on steriods. In a word, it was amazing!

On the knitting front: brought the February Girlie sweater for the Bug. Didn’t get much knitting done on it, though, until after we met Erica in Petaluma, collected our girl, and made our way to part 2 of our Anniversary Weekend in my fav city in CA: Mendocino.

What can I say about Mendocino with its lovely victorian buildings and homes perched on a peninsula overlooking the ocean? I guess one of the things I love about it is that it looks like it belongs on the east coast, say, Cape Cod. Here’s a little peek,  if you haven’t seen it before:,_California

Anyway, I digress…knitting up the FLS in DIC Classy (Blue Lagoon) is actually going quite well. I had a bit of trouble deciding how to make it Bug size, but in the end, I must admit it was the gauge swatch that figured it all out for me. Yes, the magical, mystical oracle…the gauge swatch. Just knitting on #7 needles gives me 5 stitches to the inch instead of 4.5. Voila! The smallest size sweater should now be just right, with a bit of room for her to grow. and the fabric is still nice and soft–not stiff. DSCN0127 Now I’m up to the eyelet increases. Frankly, I think they look a bit weird. Seriously.

I think I’m the only one who feels this way, though, because I haven’t seemed to notice anyone else with this opinion on Rav.

At any rate and without any angst, I’ve already decided to make the EZ backward loop increases instead. And if it doesn’t look good, maybe I’ll try the eyelet increases…

Gonna go work on it now. She grows even as I write this!


One Response to “Great way to start a whole new chapter…”

  1. Meg Says:

    Wow, Mendocino really does look pretty. And that restaurant … whooee! Swankycool food. I hope you sat at one of those window tables with the beautiful views. Sounds like an asbolutely heavenly time! Happy Twenty More!


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