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I (heart) Finished Objects August 29, 2009

Filed under: knitting — kathy @ 12:13 pm

I am sad to have returned from the place that is dearest to my heart: Chicago, and my family/friends who live there. But at least I have another finished object…my Moss Canopy Shawl. I loved it straight off the needles. Turned out even better after I blocked it. I ended up doing 14 pattern repeats for a 66 x 33″ shawl.   canopybugAnd for a lace pattern, it’s really as easy to memorize and work as everyone says. It doesn’t even bore me. Hooray. I have, like a half dozen sock yarns that are too nice to walk on that I plan to make into lacey scarves or shawls, and this pattern will be perfect for at least a couple more.canopyme 


I encountered a glitch trying to work on my Merlot Merletto Mitts in Miss Babs Lilacs while in Chi-town, so I kept working on my Dancing Poppies in Bergamota Malabrigo, though even that gave me a little trouble. I was crocheting the poppies too close together, so I had to frog them back to the beginning. Now I’ve got 1/3 of them completed and should be able to finish that in a day or two. I’m off to the wedding of a Knitting Pal’s eldest daughter, so I’ll close here…but tomorrow, I’m starting fresh…details to come!


2 Responses to “I (heart) Finished Objects”

  1. Darling Cuz Says:

    what are you talkin’? You knit like the wind…


  2. Meg Says:

    Gorgeous shawl! That photo of you behind the shawl must be driving CR crazy. And if it’s not, it should! 🙂


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