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Bang, Zoom! August 14, 2009

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The Bug in a T

The Bug in a T

I just made Teva Durham’s Ballet T-Shirt. In. One. Day.

Seriously, I needed some instant gratification, and I must say this filled the bill nicely. It was the perfect combination of stash-busting (even better that it was stash yarn leftover from a previous project–that sort of yarn has a lonely existence. After I’ve used a yarn once, the thrill is usually diminished somewhat…unless it’s Malabrigo of course. 🙂 ), super-easy, well-written pattern, and an adorable model. Here it is on Rav:

And let me say, I don’t knit fast. But even this pattern went like lightning and put a smile on my face. Which is what I needed.

So now, since I’m in  the mood for instant gratification, I’ve started another super fun, quick project; the Dancing Poppies Scarf by Sylvie Damey: 

At the beginning...

At the beginning...

 This is an adorable pattern; I’ve made it before, gave it away, and wished I’d kept it. Well, heaven knows I have pa-lenty Malabrigo to make one for moi.

And it’s just the perfect size (like a pair of socks or gloves) to fit into my JessaLu Box Bag and carry around in my purse. And the Mal is wonderfully soft around my neck. Just love it!

It’s going so quickly this time, that I’m glad I packed an extra skein of Miss Babs and a couple of sock patterns…I actually think I’ll get to it on this trip home to Naperville.

In fact, here’s a fun thing Captain Romance, Bug, and I did before CR went back home to California:

The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry!

I’ve never been–my family always went to the Art Institute or the Field Museum.  There was so much to see; my favorite was the wonderful Harry Potter Special Exhibit that’s there until the end of September, I think.  Personally, I loved seeing the costumes best. I saw Ron’s tweedy Weaseley sweater with buttons on the shoulders, as well as Ron’s burgundy tweed sweater from “Prisoner of Azkaban” that has seam binding tape around the neck and is really cool. I think it would be great on CR…hmm. Time to think about holiday gifts. Sadly, they didn’t allow picture-taking in that exhibit.

Anyway, another wonderful thing to see was Ron’s crazy stash-buster blanket. It was great to see all the different squares up close, and I gushed over it so much that a woman who was a few people ahead of us in line turned and asked, “Are you a knitter?” I guess I’m obvious.

We also enjoyed the US Space Program Exhibit–very cool.

It's an AstroBug

It's an AstroBug

And  the perennial favorite of all ages,

The Chick Hatchery!  They’re soooo cute!

Chick, chick

Chick, chick

One of the best things about being home is knitting with my 3 BFFs. Yesterday I was lucky enough to spend the evening with my Darling Cuz, Laurie, and knit and yak! Soon I hope to be sharing Lattes and secrets with my BFF Meggie!  With any luck, I’ll get to sneak away to have coffee with my sister, but since she’s getting ready to move, her dance card is pretty full already. I love coming home to Chicago and my BFFs! It’s my favorite place in the world to be!

I’m going to make the most of every moment I’m here, that’s for sure.

And I just wanted to give a note of heartfelt thanks to all my dear friends who’ve sent me their love and prayers on the passing of my fuzzy friend. You are all so very kind, and I am so lucky to call you friend. Thank you, thank you. ballet_tee2


One Response to “Bang, Zoom!”

  1. Meg Says:

    Fabulous instant gratification! It looks great on her. Oh heck, an old flour sack would look great on Iz. I hope we get to do those lattes and secrets this weekend. 🙂


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