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Spread a bit thin… July 20, 2009

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…this week.  This is the week of my summer open house, and though I feel like things are pretty much under control, there are always things I’d like to do that I never get around to, necklaces and such.

To that end, there won’t be much of a post this week, but I’m working on an earring giveaway coming soon…to be explained later.

To make me just a bit more insane, this week  is also the first week of Bugbug’s Shakespeare Camp which requires 20 minutes of driving each way for some blessed 4 hour bits in the middle. Don’t get me wrong, she’s no trouble. But she does have a knack for interrupting me in the midst of any bright ideas I might get–though they are spaced as far apart as the closure on my jeans–before they are fleshed out.

Hmm. I sense a disturbing trend in my choice of words in this post. Thin, recalcitrant jeans, fleshed out.

I think I’d better go walk on the treadmill. A lot. Come to think of it, I’d like to be spread thin.

Actually, this week is starting to make my head spin and me sound silly, so I’ll be back in a bit, when all this is past…:)


4 Responses to “Spread a bit thin…”

  1. Meg Says:

    Lady, if I was planning the open house you probably have in mind (and you STILL haven’t revealed what’s in a Talisman Rocktail!) … I’d be speaking in tongues as well! Enjoy your bits of time off and have a ROCKIN’ open house! Wish I could be there. xoxoxo!


    • kathy Says:

      Hey Honey! Here’s a Rocktail:
      1 ounce Limoncello
      4 (or so) Prosecco (or other sparkling wine)
      a few raspberries
      Phew! Very refreshing, but sip slowly. Potential to knock block off very high!!
      I wish you were here, too. But I’ll be there soon…2 weeks!


      • Laurie Says:

        Crazy — I made this Rocktail for our neighborhood deck crawl (minus the raspberries) a few weeks ago before I read this ’cause I couldn’t think of anything else to make easily; figured it would taste ok. I knew I loved you for a reason. You’re right too, it will knock your socks off. I was the first house — a good way to kick off the party! Can’t wait to see you.

        So sorry about your Foozl. You two have been together forever. Poor little thing.


  2. Meg Says:

    I would need a gallon of water to stablize me WHILE I’m drinking that Rocktail. Whew! But it sounds tasty. I’m sending myself the recipe and someday …


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