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Um…did I say I liked being busy? July 5, 2009

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Then I should be thrilled…should be walking around with an ear-to-ear grin for the next few weeks. We shall see.

What is that they say? Oh yes. Careful what you wish for.

Just yesterday, I said somewhat absently to myself, “I wish–” and the Bug finished my sentence with, “there were 36 hours in a day?” I guess she listens to me better than I thought she did. Hmm.

My two girlies

My two girlies

This morning I started making a little ‘ole list of projects I want to accomplish over the next few weeks and through the end of the summer. I think my problem is, perhaps you could call me a Pollyanna who only sees the potential fun ahead. “Of course there’s plenty of  time to make the wonderful Amy Butler purse I fell in love with–oh yes,5 different versions in 5 different fabrics, as well as 3 vintage aprons, 2 dresses for Bug to wear to weddings, 3 knitting projects, and all those new jewelry designs and getting ready for my upcoming open house. I should have no trouble fitting those things in between laundry and shopping and meals and taking/picking up Bug and her pal Zen to their daily Shakespeare camp in a town a half hour away and–”

I’m in trouble. Optimism has got me over a barrel, and is pointing and laughing.

I see where Optimism has gotten me. I see it in the accumulations of yarn and beads and fabric tucked into and under every empty spot in this little house. Oh, the yarn. I seriously wonder lately if the acronym SABLE (Stash Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy, though if you’re reading this, you surely know what it means…) is something I need to own. I don’t think I’m that far gone yet. However, to be honest, I probably have yarn for enough projects to last over the next 3 years. Truly.

Oh well. It’s not like I went and killed anyone, after all. It’s yarn, and yarn is love. And since most of that yarn is waiting to be made into gifties, I really don’t feel it’s terrible to have it all. In fact, the yarn itself makes wonderful gifties for my pals who knit.

Well, enough of my justification. Time to get some sleep so I can tackle that mountain of stuff my Optimism has waiting for me.


3 Responses to “Um…did I say I liked being busy?”

  1. Meg Says:

    Um, don’t forget that you need find the pieces to your ice cream maker and run out to buy some fleur de sel for the salted butter caramel ice cream you’re going to make. I guarantee you will forget about ALL unfinished knitting, sewing, housework, schoolwork, etc. while you are eating it!


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