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Stick a Pitchfork in It! June 3, 2009

Filed under: knitting — kathy @ 5:23 pm

Well, finally, the Demon Hat is finished! One day before CR’s (Captain Romance’s) birthday–just in time! 

My darling BugBug in The Demon Hat

My darling BugBug in The Demon Hat


Yep, I sucked it up, narrowed my eyes (and brain) and just figured this dang thing out. No bit of merino is going to get the best of me. Especially when it’s one of the few presents I got for him. And to be fair, once I really figured out the right way to do those exasperating 2-stitch cables, I was actually okay with the project. Now I won’t go so far as to say it was “fun.” Fun it was most certainly not. But I got through the sucker.

If I had time, I’d block it–in Holy Water– of course! LOL

But I don’t think it’ll be necessary as CR’s head will stretch the hat out plenty.  In fact, I’m a little worried that the Demon Hat might be a wee bit small for his cranium. Just like the “Mount Whitney Hat” I made for his birthday last summer when he was just about to go climb Mount Whitney. 

In fact, here’s what that hat looked like:

The Mount Whitney Hat (also known as the Maltese Hat)

The Mount Whitney Hat (also known as the Maltese Hat)

Oh well, I’ll just have to tell him this new hat is meant to be a skullcap.

At any rate, I think he’ll like it. He bikes to work so often that it’ll be good to keep his little ears warm in the Fall. At least the tops of his ears.

I must say I’m glad I ordered the shipment of Portillo’s Italian Beef from my dearest, beloved Chicago as an extra giftie.

Now I’m free to finish those 5 other projects I have on my needles!!

I think I might begin to contemplate adding some bust darts to my Something Rum Raisin ( Something Red).  I really love that pattern.  I hope it loves me back. I don’t feel like dealing with demons again.


One Response to “Stick a Pitchfork in It!”

  1. Meg Says:

    The hat looks terrific! Congrats to you for persevering and finishing the cursed thing. I’m sure your DH will love it, AND the italian beef from Portillo’s. Heck I work about four blocks from a Portillo’s and I never go there. Boo hoo! Anyway, the hat is marvy, DD is DARLING in it, as always. Your family is very lucky to have you!


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