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On my toes May 11, 2009

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It’s Monday, and a with a busy week of spring cleaning, writing,  photography, costume-making (yes, costumes in May. My daughter’s school has a thing about re-enactment field trips. This one will turn them all into Miwok Indians…), jewelry-making and knitting ahead, I just want to say, hooray! I finished my socks!

Saucy Rubies Socks

Saucy Rubies Socks

Here, I thought I’d finish them in Florida. I guess in some ways you could call me an optimist. In other ways, you could call me overbooked. Hmm.

A bit embarassing that it took 6 months to make a pair of socks. It’s a bit like childbirth though. I mean, after it’s all over, you forget what you went through and want to do it all over again.Seriously though, it’s a great pattern and fabulous yarn. I’ll definitely make another pair…when, who knows. 

I just swatched for my Something Red Sweater. Suspiciously on gauge for the same size needles as pattern.  Ususally I go down one or two sizes right off the bat. I think part of what’s happening is that I know this yarn could stretch out, and so I’m purposely knitting tighter.

I also think I’ve been a wee bit tense lately and my knitting is exemplifying this.

Well, I’ll either go with the swatch recommendation, or go down a needle size and have a gin and tonic.


One Response to “On my toes”

  1. Meg Says:

    You will knit another pair of socks AFTER you finish the Archangel shawl, please. 🙂 But before you get too loopy on the gin and tonics.


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