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Yarn stalking May 9, 2009

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Okay, someone please tell me what the heck is wrong with me.

I have spent nearly 3 hours on the prowl for more yarn. Not writing (sure, I did that for a couple of hours, but all it took was a “quick break” to check my email, and I found some lame excuse to “just take a peek” to see if something I’ve been looking for is in stock), not knitting (which is really sad because I have, like, 17 rows left on my second saucy sock before I graft it. Not to mention, I have 2 or 3 projects I’d like to swatch and start…). Why the heck am I wasting time stalking yarn?

Further, I have many gorgeous, glorious yarns of varied shades and fibers waiting patiently in their cozy tubs for me to pluck them out and cast them on. I mean really, really gorgeous.  Yarns that I was willing to forgo all sorts of personal necessities to have. 

Perhaps it is because the yarn in question seems to be so unobtainable that scoring it would be a major accomplishment. With bragging rights, too.

One of the first yarns that made me nuts like this was Handmaiden Sea Silk.

Glorious Handmaiden Sea Silk in Nova Scotia

Glorious Handmaiden Sea Silk in Nova Scotia

It wasn’t that tough to track. I found it here and there online, which is where I ultimately scored this loverly skein–I think at ColorSong. However, while trying to figure out which colorway I would choose, I encountered a delicious-to-the-touch skein at a local yarn shop and allowed myself to be talked into a colorway which I (I must admit now) despised. I was so anxious to knit with this yarn that I comforted myself by deciding I’d knit a giftie for someone with it. The yarn itself was a joy to use, but I still have trouble looking at it. Don’t know if I’ll ever finish it. Drats. I no longer go to this LYS in protest to pushy salespeople.

Next on my list of big game: Malabrigo Sock.

Malabrigo Sock in nearly impossible to find Archangel

Malabrigo Sock in nearly impossible to find Archangel

I was a knitter possessed until I had a skein (or 3) safely tucked away. Here’s my favorite colorway: Archangel.

This will become a little shoulder shawl, or something like that. I couldn’t bear to walk on it. And yes, everything they say about how it feels it is true. Heaven.
So, my latest obsession is something called Bugga Sock Yarn (superwash merino and cashmere with a smidge of nylon) by a gifted yarn artist who goes by the name of The Sanguine Gryphon. I’ll bet you’ve heard of this rare fiber…but if you haven’t, you should know it’s named Bugga because it’s colors are based on insects. Now I do not like insects, but, how cool is that? And the colors really are amazing. The color I think I covet most is Red Spotted Purple Butterfly, although I’d take Blue Morpho, or Tomato Frog.  Impossible to find! And what makes me most crazy is that I passed up a skein of this stuff this summer while on a yarn adventure in the beautiful middle of practically nowhere with my cuz Laurie. This store, called The Fold in Marengo, IL  had absolutely fabulous yarns, patterns, and a surprising selection of rovings (lots of lux fibers like yak and cashmere) which would make any spinner drool. Luckily I am not yet a spinner or I’d be in serious trouble. Check them out here:
Anyway, I actually had my hands on this stuff and put it down.
The one that got away…

One Response to “Yarn stalking”

  1. Meg Says:

    (swoon!) The Archangel is GORGEOUS. Please start knitting your shawl with it asap so we can see it knit up and wrapped around your shoulders. It’s truly beautiful! Now …. step away from the online yarn stores … carefully … now pick up your needles and knit. 🙂


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