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Stash Justification May 2, 2009

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Handmaiden Tussah Silk

Handmaiden Tussah Silk

Stash  n. 1. a store or cache of money or valuables. 2. something hidden away.

What a wonderful word, Stash. It even feels nice in the mouth…stash. I think the person who thought to use this word to describe our fiber collections was wise beyond words, so my thanks to you, oh clever fellow yarn carresser!
Brooks Farm Duet

Brooks Farm Duet

And the stash itself, well, what can I say? When I think of my stash various thoughts and feelings come to mind: happiness, guilt, desire, my deep love of plastic tubs, and, oh god, I wish this house had a basement so that everything that’s taking up valuable yarn storage space in my closets could be put down there.

The thing that is most overwhelming to me, though, is the sense of what all this luscious, yarny goodness has the potential to become. Not just socks or a shawl, but instead, something to keep my DDs toes cozy, or the dramatic entrance I’ll be able to make in my “Gail” shawl of Handmaiden SeaSilk at my friend’s fundraiser.

The exquisite Gail Shawl by MaweLucy/Jane Araujo

The exquisite Gail Shawl by MaweLucy/Jane Araujo

Furthermore, no skein must be what it was purchased to become. (And yes, I do buy yarn with specific projects in mind.) For instance, one skein of exquisite, hand dyed Miss Babs Yummy sock yarn might be made, forthrightly, into socks. But it could also find itself knitted into a pair of Genmaicha fingerless gloves, or even a lacy Forest Canopy Shawl. And Malabrigo, sigh, what can’t you make with MMMalabrigo? Choices, I love choices.

And boy do I have choices, as I discovered while recently updating my Ravelry Stash (that wonderfully, evilly addictive Ravelry! My savior and my undoing). Looking at the piles on the floor and couch, all around me, in fact, I realized I had a lot of yarn. More than I thought I had. Honestly, I seem to have a worse problem with mass accumulation of fibery goodness than most knitters, but not the worst case I’ve seen. Even so, sheesh, there really was a lot. And I love every single skein in there with all my heart. I guess I must admit I am a bonifide yarnaholic.

An amuse bouche of my yarny goodness

An amuse bouche of my yarny goodness

Believe me, I know there are conflicting schools of thought on these things. One thing I know for sure, I will never be (even if I gave it all away and started fresh–which ain’t gonna happen, so don’t even ask! LOL) the kind of knitter who buys yarn just enough for one or two projects at a time, and then sits down, makes that project, and isn’t even tempted to buy anything else until she finishes that project. And yes, this rare kind of knitter does indeed exist. I have a very good friend who has self control like this. Not because she can’t spend money on yarn. No siree. Simply because she just isn’t inclined to become swayed by the odd hank or two of cashmere the color of a stormy sky that’s wimpering beside the register at our LYS. Not until she finishes what she’s working on. She doesn’t need it, she tells me. Doesn’t need it?
Delightful Miss Babs Yummy Superwash Sock in Violets

Delightful Miss Babs Yummy Superwash Sock in Violets

Well, God bless her, I say. I wish I could be a little more like her. And like a little shoulder angel, she does keep me in line. However, I’m gonna choose one of my BFFs like Laura or Meg to go with me to any Stitches Events, that’s for dang sure.

That rant all said, with the

Malabrigo Vaa

Malabrigo Vaa

way the economy’s been going, and my jewelry business feeling the sag in spending, I must say I have a comfort in knowing that no matter what, even if I can’t justify (or afford) stalking another skein of Malabrigo,  there’s yarn waiting for me in the guest room closet. Soft and saturated with colors that make my heart sing and my hands happy, it’s there. Waiting to be used for entertainment, relaxation, and let us not forget, clothing.

Yay for my stash! I think I’ll go pet it.


One Response to “Stash Justification”

  1. Meg Says:

    Stash, glorious stash! Frogbelly and Sea silk … It’s always good to revisit and pet and appreciate our stash. And it is wise to SHOP the stash frequently! What a money saver. Thank you for helping me remember all the possibilities of yarn that might have been earmarked for one project, but could do perfectly well as something else (those possibilities are facilitated by pattern stashing). And I share your deep love of plastic tubs — not only do I have a few filled with yarn, but many more literally brimming with fabric. I’m multi-stashing! I know you are too, gem lady. One of the many things that make life FUN. Yay for stash!


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