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There’s no place like home. April 17, 2009

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A turquoise view through the sea grapes

A turquoise view through the sea grapes

Don’t get me wrong! I LOVE getting on a plane and going somewhere wonderful, especially my parents’s gorgeous condo in Florida.

Even though their place is “home,” it’s like a super lux hotel room, right on the beach. I love that here, the Atlantic is so warm and the sky is so blue; the Pacific is always freezing, and under gray skies, it makes going to the beach a chilling experience. And I love my morning coffee with my mom, where we whisper to keep everyone asleep while we solve the problems of the world and of our immediate family. It’s great fun yelling at the TV with my dad, and having beer, clam chowder, and ribs with them both at the Dune Dog Cafe until we feel like we’re gonna bust.

Anybody in there?

Anybody in there?

Best of all, I adore combing the beach with my chicklet the day after a storm, searching for shells (especially those other than the 317 assorted little ubiquitous lion’s paw and deep sea scallops, cockles, and clam shells that we’ve already put into our pail).  We found some really cool things: a little conch, a tiny cowry,  (what we think is) an alphabet cone shell, and a couple of moon snail shells. Pretty cool.

Chasing waves

Chasing waves


It was a lovely break from the everyday grind of school, car pool, cleaning and bill paying.

But I didn’t get a whole lot of knitting done. Mostly I worked on my Saucy Sock and sighed at the lovely green Miss Babs Frog Belly I brought along, wishing I could start transforming it into a shawl. I nearly finished my sock on the plane ride home, but didn’t, because I really didn’t feel like taking off my shoe to try it on to see if the length was right. I should finish it sometime today and start on the next one. I really like the pattern–complicated enough to keep your interest, yet not so much to make you crazy.

I did do a lot of reading, however, which is something I love, but rarely get to do since my day is so crammed with stuff that when I finally get a chance to read, I fall asleep on the book. I read 2 books: Loving Frank, and The Glass Castle. Both books have been out a couple of years I think, so most people know about them; in any case, I found them both so well written and interesting that I couldn’t stop reading. Especially Loving Frank. The book is a historical work of fiction about Mamah Borthwick Cheney’s affair with Frank Lloyd Wright in the early 1900’s. Riveting. Beautifully written.  Here’s a link to the book’s website:

I already knew how story ended in real life (and I won’t be a spoiler, so I won’t say how it ends), even so, it still was a fabulous read. The main reason was, to me anyway, that it was written with such eloquence that I found myself truly enjoying the book, instead of my usual “editing while I read.” I can’t seem to keep myself from doing that sometimes, especially when I’m doing a lot of writing on my own stuff as I am right now. But I could tame that crazed editor in my soul this time. Great, great read.

Well, anyway, back to real life. Which is fine with me. I’m going to spend this morning working on Lore (my sword and sorcery genre novel), and with any luck, I’ll be typing the last pages some time in May.

I suppose I should be making jewelry. I suppose I should be using up my stash and knitting. And I will do those things soon. But writing has always been my dearest love, the kind of thing where hours pass as minutes. Where if I’m really gong at it, I forget to eat. Seriously. If I could actually keep myself awake for days at a time to write, I would…my writing might be a little whacky, but oh well. It could actually be great for my diet.


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  1. Meg Says:

    Your vacation sounds perfectly wonderful. (sigh) I wish I could have joined you and your chicklet in the search for magical sea shells! I hope you are still feeling refreshed and content from your trip. Sounds like you did everything right — enjoyed your family, read, relaxed, ate, enjoyed the sea, and no stressing! And now you can treat yourself (and us) to more of your writing … but don’t forget to eat, lady. You will need your health and strength for the Lore book tour!


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