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Decisions, Decisions… April 7, 2009

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Delicious Miss Babs Yummy in grape color (but not Frog Belly)

Delicious Miss Babs Yummy in grape color (but not Frog Belly)

…what to carry along for knitting on our little getaway to Florida.

There’s something about planning for a trip that sets my mind agog. Deciding which clothes and accessories are going along is bad enough, but for knitters, well, we have an additional kind of befuddling to sort through.

What to bring to knit.

Heavens. Just looking into my so-called “queue” on Ravelry is mind-boggling.

But I’ve finally gotten into a system. I start by going through my UFOs, which thankfully isn’t too plentiful. My criteria include the 3 Ps: pattern difficulty, portability, and potential for airport confiscation. That security thing is enough to make me a downright ball of tension at the airport until I’ve successfully gotten through security, which has luckily been no problem for me yet, however…who knows. One thing’s certain, I don’t even think of heading to the airport without including a small padded self addressed and stamped envelope in my backpack, just in case. The needles, Knitpicks Options, are removed (ends screwed onto the cables) and put into a little ziplock bag with an assortment of pens and pencils (for a bit of camouflage). This slows me down a wee bit in getting started up again, but it makes me feel better, at least.

This trip will start with finishing some socks…

for the Saucy Socks

for the Saucy Socks

My big problem comes in deciding on the second project.

Of course this is assuming, optimist that I am, that I will actually finish the first  project, right?

So, do I bring something to start that I’m dying to make (which is usually a sweater, since I love clothes and I’m always on the lookout for the perfect sweater), or something, again, more portable that requires fewer skeins of yarn.

That’s one of the main problems about bringing a sweater to knit; luggage restrictions aside (because even though I refuse to carry on my luggage, I also refuse to chack more than one bag–blasted airlines–but that’s another topic entirely), I fear that if I bring a few skeins of yarn for a sweater, what if the ultimate nightmare occurs?

What if they misplace my luggage? What if–horror of horrors–they actually loose my luggage entirely? It happens. It just happened last summer to my cousin’s daughter’s boyfriend (didya follow that?) I mean what if some luggage handler covets my 3 skeins of Mmmmmalabrigo Worsted in Pagoda and decides to just appropriate it? This is serious because  (as all you Malabrigo lovers know) it’s not just that easy to go out and get more Mal in the dye lot you need. Sure, you can bring along your Lamb Pride, or Cascade (both lovely yarns, of course), have it disappear, and oh well. You should be able to get more of the same dyelot from somewhere.

Further, what if I change my mind about the one extra project I’m bringing? I mean, like that extra pair of shoes you brought, just doesn’t seem like the right thing to have brought once you arrive at your destination?

So, this trip, I decided to take one extra skein (some ultra-delish Miss Babs Yummy Sock and Baby in “frogbelly”) and 3 different patterns to use it with, with a variety of corresponding Knitpicks Options needles, so when I’m ready to go, I can still have choices. Genius, for me, anyway.

I brought 2 sock patterns, and one shawl pattern! Plus, with Ravelry, I could surely pick something else appropriate from my library and print it out.

So now I can’t wait to finish my Saucy Socks in Dream in Color “Ruby River” so I can play with my Frogbelly…I love having choices!


One Response to “Decisions, Decisions…”

  1. Meg Says:

    So now we’re all dying to know — DID your needles survive security?? Were you able to knit on the plane? and which project did you ultimately decide to work on during the flight? These and other questions will be answered (we hope) on the next episode of Twist And Shout! Gotta run and cast on for those kilt hose.


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